GY40 - GYS150

Oil immersed gear, durable aluminum alloy casing. Optional for built in control board or separately control unit, integrated receiver. Keypad / single button interface. Alarm lamp, Photo beam safety beam interface.

Self-locking structure, mechanical limit switch.
Standard output shaft aperture dia.25.40 mm, using metal adapter can transfer to dia.40.00 mm.
Hand chain manual release systems for emergency purpose.

Technical Specifications
Model GY40 GY60 GYS60 GY100 GYS150
Power supply 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 380V 230V/50Hz 380V
Rated power 300W 370W 300W 450W 550W
Protection grade IP54
Motor rotate speed 1400r/min
Max. output torque 40N·m 60N·m 60N·m 100N·m 150N·m
Max. limited journey 20 circle
Output shaft aperture Φ25.4 mm
Limit switch Mechanical limit switch with micro adjusting device
Length of manual chain  8M
Model of manual chain Universal chain
Environment temperature -20°C~+70°C
No-loading rotating speed 23r/min
Reduction ratio 1:58
Work duty S2, 10min S2,10min S2,25min S2,10min S2,25min
Thermal protection temperature  120°C